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About the Founder

Namrata Sarmah

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Namrata is a 2x Chief Product Officer and the Founder of CPO Track and Women in Product UK.

She started her career as a software engineer and has 15+ years’ experience in the UK, US, EMEA, and APAC in product management and technology across a variety of sectors including Education, Healthcare, Wellness, Broadcast Media, and Telecom. She has built products and product teams at large global corporations, SMEs and startups, and specialises in organisational transformation and growth.

Namrata is a Non-Executive Director at The Open University Business School and Rise, and an Advisor at Antler (early stage VC). She is an alumna of Alliance Manchester Business School and Harvard Business School. She is also a mum of 2 little boys.


What they say

The CPO role is one of the newest additions to the C-Level, and the role varies from company to company as well as regionally. The expectations about what the role’s definition of success is, and the control/investment granted to deliver that success is very different from company to company. That’s why a group that enables open dialogue and exchange of ideas is so valuable. CPO Track affords an easy way to access diverse experience and support; and there is often a fair amount of amusement on the side.

Tiama Hanson-Drury


Being part of the CPO Track has been a revelation. After becoming part of this group, I have found kindred spirits with whom I could speak without inhibition and without wondering “what would they think?”. I have learnt so much from the conversations, spirited debates, and disagreements we have had in the group that it feels like I know people in the group now for years, though truth be told, I haven’t met many of them yet. Thanks to Nam for bringing together such an eclectic bunch and arguably the finest brains when it comes to building products in the UK and Europe.

Ankur Sharma


Finding a tribe as a Product Leader is of enormous value. People who face similar challenges, have a wealth of experience in the topics you’re thinking about and who are inspiring leaders - are a force multiplier for your own career and approach to leading. I’m incredibly grateful to be in the CPO Track as through it I’ve found passionate, inspiring, deeply experienced leaders who have become more than network - they have become friends. Being able to share experiences with people who properly ‘get it’ and take on this journey with such a tribe is a privilege.

Leeanna Pitt


The CPO Track has some of the brightest product minds in the UK, offering shared wisdom, laughs, memes and just general support. Being a senior product person can be lonely -  having this group of amazing and kind people Nam has curated is like having a secret super power.  I'm so grateful to be included.

Jane Austin


Being part of CPO Track has been a game changer - increasing my confidence and impact. I value the honest support, pragmatic advice and challenge from peers with real experience of product leadership.

Joe Tinston


Nam is an exceptional product leader with a powerful mission to unite and support fellow product leaders. Through her visionary efforts, she has established a platform that enables product leaders to collaborate, exchange insights, and learn from one another. This CPO platform has been an invaluable resource for me, allowing me to connect with other leaders, engage in discussions about product challenges, navigate the intricacies of product leadership, and foster personal and professional growth. Thanks to Nam for creating this invaluable platform that has positively impacted the product leadership community.

Prachi Garg

SVP Product

Nam is a great product leader and a powerful connector in the world of Product Management. She has established a number of great communities, bringing together many high calibre and curious individuals to share experiences and learn from one another. The CPO community consists of great product leaders from a range of different sectors. Nam has created and nurtured an environment where questions and challenges are openly shared, and the group supports everyone in a kind and helpful way. It’s also great that the group is full of good humour and have many laughs along the way!

Arthur Leung


I have found the CPO Track to be an incredible network of some of the most talented and generous Senior Product Execs.  Being in an exec role can be isolating at times, so the ability to lean on this incredible group with such a wealth of experience is invaluable in navigating our challenging roles.  This group has been carefully curated, with a focus on quality contribution, so I find it to be one of the best networking groups I've ever joined in my career.

Jamie Mercer

VP Product

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