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CPO Track is most relevant to those who have team management responsibilities. Your job title could be Principal, Group PM, Head of Product, Director of Product, VP Product, SVP Product, or Chief Product Officer.

You could also be someone trying to pivot into product leadership roles (but you must currently have team management responsibilities).


Apply Through the Form

The application form is very simple, we just need some basic information about you and your experience. Apply here.


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Once you fill the form, we'll review your application. We might reach out to you via email if we have any questions. The application review might take up to 10 working days.


Welcome to the Community

If your application is approved, we'll get in touch with you via email with payment details.

If your application is not approved, we'll add you to our waitlist. We don't decline any applications; we like to stay in touch :)

Perks & Benefits

What the community has to offer


Private Member App

Exclusive access to our private community app

Our community app is a safe place for members to chat with each other, exchange ideas, and share resources with the community. The app has several features like video calling, group conversations, 1:1 chats, polls, forums, and more...

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Learning & Development

We have chosen "Masterclass at Work" as our L&D partner

It is the trusted platform for top global companies to up skill their leaders & executives in strategy, leadership, influence, negotiation, stakeholder management, decision making & more...
View the Masterclass at Work features here.

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Talks, Networking, Workshops

We organise several events (online and in-person) where we invite top quality speakers to participate in our panels or keynotes.

Talks by executives, founders, CEOs, investors, board members, search firms, board recruiters, industry experts, coaches etc.

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Coaching & Peer Mentoring

We have curated a small group of top-notch coaches who can support our members in their career journeys.

The Peer Advisory Board is a tried and tested format wherein a group of peers would be matched based on their career stage and aspirations. This group of peers would meet monthly or bi-weekly to discuss key topics/themes that they would agree as a collective.

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Member Discounts


We have partnered with few selected brands to offer their products & services to our members at a discounted price. The list of brands will only grow with time, we promise! :)

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Member Socials

We believe in working hard & playing hard.

Throughout the year, we'll organise several member socials at very special venues. Some of these socials would be free and some would be available at a discounted price.

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Membership Plans

Choose an annual membership

There are two membership packages to suit our members’ needs.
We are offering special introductory pricing until 31st March 2024.

Private Member App (Web, iOS, Android) 
Access to all virtual events & their recordings
The HotSeat! (talks by product execs, founders, CEOs, investors, board members, search firms, board recruiters, industry experts, coaches)
Curated Jobs within the Private Member App 
Member discounts (Financial Wellness, CV & LinkedIn writers, AI Headshots)
Includes TRACK 1
Masterclass at Work subscription 
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Peer Advisory Board (consisting of 6 peers from different companies)
Access to all in-person events (panels, networking with search firms, investors, execs) 
Access to vetted Exec Coaches with 2 FREE sessions and discounted pricing 
Member socials - Summer & Christmas Parties, exclusive Dinners (at a discounted price)
Opportunity to speak at our events, share content, AMA’s and raise your personal brand

Frequently asked questions

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